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,Chu Kok Wei

KUALA LUMPUR: CIMB Group Holdings Bhd has appointed Chu Kok Wei and Novan Amirudin as co-chief executive officers (co-CEOs) of its group wholesale banking business effective July 18, 2022.

The bank, in a statement, said Chu and Novan will head specific business pillars within wholesale banking but will be jointly responsible for the overall Wholesale Banking business.

They will both report directly to group CEO Datuk Abdul Rahman Ahmad.

Chu, who has been with CIMB for almost 20 years, is currently the group head, treasury & markets of CIMB Group.

With his appointment as co-CEO, group wholesale banking, Chu will continue to lead group treasury and markets with added responsibility over the financial institutions group.

Novan will oversee group private and investment banking, corporate coverage, public sector and government group and group corporate banking.

He is joining CIMB Group from a global investment bank, where he was most recently head of equity capital markets for Southeast Asia and head of investment banking for Malaysia.

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