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KUALA LUMPUR: RHB Banking Group has further enhanced its RHB REFLEX Premium Plus digital platform driven by first-in-market Application Programming Interface (API) integration with selected partners, to provide accounting and human resource (HR) solutions for SME customers.

In a statement, the bank said the enhanced version offers more options for accounting and payroll connectivity, as well as provide a more holistic ecosystem proposition for business owners.

“The accounting and HR solutions via API integration within RHB REFLEX Premium Plus is an innovative approach that simplifies the way our SME customers manage their businesses.


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“It allows for seamless and secure connectivity to third-party service providers, which in turn provides them with better control and improved cost and operational efficiencies through the automation of various accounting and HR functions,” head of group transaction Chung Chee Kai said.

“We target to on-board a total of more than 15,000 SME customers to this enhanced digital platform by 2025,” he added.

Through this first-in-market API integration of accounting and HR solutions, RHB’s SME customers are able to seamlessly automate payroll and other accounting functions, such as viewing their banking account balances, preparing invoice and salary payments, directly via the partner’s platform without having the need to go on different channels.

RHB said on top of that, customers can retrieve essential information via an all-in-one financial dashboard as well as automating bank reconciliation and retrieving on-demand/periodical bank account statements.

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